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Adventure awaits at every turn.

Coach/staff assessment

CoachEval’s truly offers a coach in your corner.  It takes years to learn to be a great coach…with a coach in your corner, CoachEval staff help you accelerate the learning and become the best you can be as quickly as possible.  Click “Learn More” to get more details on this offering.

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This offering is based on the topics of interest as decided by the attendees.  It is not “cookie cutter” courses, rather tailored to the needs of your staff and coaches.  Click “Learn More” to see some sample topics, but any topic can be covered by the staff of CoachEvals.

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tryout/athlete assessment

This service offering allows for an independent and complete review of athletes that are trying out for an organization.  This evaluation is a third party evaluation by skilled evaluators that eliminate the guess work and “defending” decisions to athletic and club directors, parents and the athletes themselves.  Click “Learn more” for additional details

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Private training

From training an assistant coach to become a head coach, or training an athlete to be key player, CoachEvals can help you get to the next level.  Private training is individualized and customized to the needs and no two offerings are the same.  Contact us today to discuss your needs!

club best practices

CoachEvals staff has experience running a club.  From designing a mission statement, to running very efficient and objective tryouts, CoachEvals can help you move your organization to the next level.  Contact us today for additional information.

team consultants

Team not meeting your expectations?  Need someone objective to help determine next steps and get team back on track?  Need suggestions on how to put lineups together given your personnel?  We are here to help.  Click “Learn More” for additional information.

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position training, camp & clinics

Skills are the name of the game.  From passing to attacking and setting to serving, every skill matters and getting your athletes proficient or improving in the shortest time possible is a key to success.  Click “Learn More” to get more information.

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strength & conditioning

Any good program knows that a key to keeping athletes healthy is having the correct “strength for the sport”.  We can help customize workout routines for your athletes, using weights, body weight, aerobic, cross fit…just about any style you can think of.  Click “Learn More” for additional information.

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sport psychology

90% of any sport after basic skill acquisition is mental.  How do your athletes handle it and respond under pressure is the key.  How to we build that into our routines and into our training.  It is an often overlooked component of strong programs, but we can help.  Click “Learn More” for additional insight.

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beach/grass training

Playing doubles on the beach and grass is a great way to build all skills effectively.  From beach to grass, playing outside gives athletes an opportunity to explore skills that traditional “training” may not hit.  We have very experienced coaches that have more than 20 years experience playing in these environmnents.  The game has overlapping skills, but is much different in execution and methodologies that can lead to greate success across the board.  Contact us today for additional information!


Technology and sport

Coming from a background of technology, many of the trainers within CoachEval’s pride themselves on the use of technology to help solve today’s complex coaching challenges.  From self-awareness training, to video review, sport psychology and statistics tracking, it is important to incorporate technology into your program.  We can help get you started with some basic education and strategies to help your team move to the next level.

Our Location

We are based in the greater Philadelphia area, but have numerous members of the team that have travelled about the country to teach other coaches some great techniques and we promise not to disappoint!  Book us for your next coaching education, coach evaluation, athlete evaluation or simply “guest” camp director!  Whatever your needs are, we are here to serve!

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About Us

CoachEvals.com’s mission is to provide top rated coaching and athletic evaluations, training and education to coaches of every sport.   CoachEval staff and educators strive to help each and every coach, athlete or team excel in their journey to become the best they can be.  

who we are

CoachEvals was started by Doug Blystone, a current CAP Cadre member who has more than 20 years coaching experience.  Doug holds a master’s in Coaching and Athletic Administration as well as Information Science…A perfect blend of technology and coaching!  Doug also holds a Level II Strength and Conditioning Certification, Sports Nutrition Certification and Personal Training certifications.  


Doug started CoachEvals because he realized early on, it’s best to be a life long learner.  No one person can know it all and we are all stronger together!  As you can tell by the educational credentials that Doug holds, he is truly a life long learner.  Contact him today for a no obligation discussion on how CoachEvals can help your team, club or organization be better for your athletes!