coach assessment

This is the meat and potatoes of understanding YOU as a coach.  This is the “coach in your corner” offering where we track activities during your training and then debrief with you to improve.  We work together to develop an action plan and then follow up 4-6 weeks later with a second evaluation to see how improvements have been implemented and results of such improvements.   Generally we couple this with our educational offering to ensure we do a 360 degree assessment.


Life long learning is a fundamental key component to improvement.  All of those who are life long learners, feel like they need to “apologize” to their previous team, for what they learned since that experience.  We tailor our training to your needs and mix classroom and on court educational opportunities to ensure you understand both the “how” and the “why”.  Curriculums can be as short as 4 hours but typically consist of 2-3 days that are split between classroom, on court and practicum exercises

athlete assessment

Whether you are running a tryout or trying to find a role for an specific athlete, we can help.  We specialize in normalizing tryout scoring, and can provide insight on the best ways to evaluate large numbers of athletes to be fair to all those involved.  We all recognize that “offense” is easy to spot, but who can get us there…Who is the best setter?  Why?  Who can be the silient defensive leader?  Why?  Who plays a key role?  Who is “coachable”?  How do we know?

team consultant

Need a second set of eyes or some thoughts on how to best use your personnel?  CoachEvals can help ask the right questions, and help YOU determine the best route for your team to ensure you find the most success.  As we know, simple is better than complex and technical execution is more important that tactical planning.  


strength and conditioning

Strength and conditioning is an important part of any quality program.  This is extremely important from a point of safety as we push athletes harder to be the best they can be. 

Although strength and conditioning does not DIRECTLY relate to “skill”, it can contribute in many ways.   

It’s a fine line to use “gym” time that can be used for “skill acquisition” and refinement for “strength and conditioning”.  We have ways to build both into the same timeframe, and accomplish both simultaneously.




Technology in today’s world can be used for all kinds of insight to team performance.  Obvious choices are “statistics” tools, but what about jump counts, slo mo, real time review, mental toughness surveys, practice quality surveys and other tools?  There is so much to be explored with technology that can be used to be better.  There are great ways to get players “mic’ed” up to hear what they are “seeing”…ie, working on having them communicate what they saw can go a long way to solving eye focus errors. 

private athlete training/small group

In almost all cases, these are situational dependent and are based on the individual or small group needs.  Contact us today to discuss options, durations, and how to solve problems for individual from “goofy” foot, to net violations when blocking to inconsistent passing or serving.  You name the challenge, I’m sure we’ve seen it!